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      FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

      What is the first thing I should do after an accident?

      See if there were any witnesses and take their phone number (they can not be in the vehicle with you). If there is an injury, call the police. Otherwise fill out a joint report. If you do not have a joint report, the most important information to take is the information provided on the persons drivers licence, registration and insurance papers.

      What if I can not drive my car after an accident

      You call our 24H roadside assistance (Remorquage Centre-Ville 514-983-3677), they will tow your vehicle to our highly secured impound lot (also located at our address) until our opening business hours.

      How long do I have to file a claim?

      1 year, but it is best to do it as soon as possible.

      How long do the repairs take?

      Every case varies, it depends on the damages of the vehicle and the availability of the parts. The insurance estimate will indicate how many hours of work is required.

      How do I know who is at fault for the accident?

      It will be determined in the police report. If you have a collision with anything other than a motorized vehicle, you are at fault. If you had a stop at an intersection and the other person didn’t, even if you did your stop, you are at fault. If you are leaving a driveway, lane, or parking lot, you are at fault.

      If you are turning left on a solid green light and collide with oncoming traffic, you are at fault. If you rear-end another vehicle because they braked abruptly, you are at fault. If you are unsure, you can contact us.

      Will my insurance go up after making a claim?

      Every case is different. Every insurance company is different, and every driver is different. Of course, it will go based on your previous claims.

      However, in most cases the insurance companies will allow up to 3 claims in 5 years before increasing (this does not include yearly inflation).

      What if my vehicle was involved in a hit and run?

      Make a police report immediately, get the event number. If not, get the police officers name and badge number. A lot of insurance companies will wave the deductible if an attempt to make a police report is made within 24hrs of the hit and run.

      I have replacement value, will you put OEM parts?

      If you have replacement value with your insurance company, the insurance appraiser will include all OEM parts that need to be replaced onto the estimate (as long as it falls within your term).

      If you have replacement insurance with the dealership, your insurance appraiser will make an estimate with used parts, and you would have to open a claim with your replacement insurance. We will put OEM parts on the vehicle, and the dealer replacement insurance will pay the balance for the OEM part.

      What is a deductible?

      When you open your insurance policy, you chose a deductible for collision. In many cases it is $250.00 or $500.00. If you are found liable for your accident, the insurance company will remove the amount of the deductible from the cheque for the repairs.

      And You will have to pay the deductible to the garage upon arrival to pick up your car. If you are not deemed responsible for the accident the insurance will cover all costs: repairs, deductible, rental car, towing.

      Who will pay for the towing and the damages?

      If you are covered for collision in your insurance policy, the insurance will cover all costs. However, if you are not covered for collision, it will be determined by the responsibility of the accident. If you are not at fault the insurance will cover all costs. If you are responsible, they will not pay anything.

      I have a commercial vehicle; do I have to pay the taxes?

      Yes, an estimate made for commercial vehicles are tax exempt. You will need to pay the taxes on the repairs, towing invoice and rental invoice unless a head accountant can provide documentation to the insurance stating that you do not collect the taxes back; in which case the insurance will pay for it.

      Can this be polished?

      If you can pass your fingernail in the scratches, then no it is not polishable.

      Does my bumper need to be replaced?

      If the bumper is cracked, it needs to be replaced. However, if it is an expensive luxury bumper, we will try our best to fix it.

      Will my panel be full of body filler?

      No, we will shape the sheet metal as mush as possible back to its original form, and we will put the least amount of body filler.

      Once my car is painted, how can I prolong the life of the paint?

      Refrain from washing the car with a dirty rag and automatic car washes. Refrain from breaking ice with your snow brush. Waxing will always bring back the original shine. Or you can do a ceramic coating.